Please download the appropriate new-patient form to the right.

Print it, fill it out, and bring it to our Downtown Roanoke office when you come for your first appointment.
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At your first visit, please come 10 minutes early to complete final paperwork. Allow for about 30 minutes with the doctor, as your appointment will include a consultation, an examination, and x-rays if necessary.

The consultation consists of discussing details of your health and nutritional history, the specifics of your current problem, and your goals for your health and performance.

The examination consists of a complete orthopaedic and neurological examination and may also include a gait-and-functional-movement analysis, a postural screen, and balance testing.

Based on the findings of the examination, we will suggest an initial treatment strategy and suggest steps you can take at home to improve your condition. We will also develop a chiropractic treatment plan specific to you.

We will take your insurance information so that we can provide a verification of chiropractic benefits from your insurance carrier if applicable.

Please be sure to ask any questions you may have during your first visit. We want to make sure you that we work with you to help you reach your goals for your health.