10 Best Exercises to Strengthen Your Neck & Back

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As a chiropractor, I am often asked for the best spine-strengthening exercise. This is a difficult request because the answer is dependent on the needs of each individual patient. A more accurate quest is for the exercises that produce the best posture. Additionally, there are exercises that EVERYONE should avoid. Sit-Ups: The exercise everyone should [...]

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Understanding Disc Bulges

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A pinched nerve, sciatica, carpal tunnel, nerve stinger, and herniated disc are all descriptions of a serious nerve condition that affects thousands of people each year.  This painful condition is often described as a tingling and burning sensation that radiates down the nerve of an extremity to the hands or feet.  Nerves are important [...]

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Using Your Desk as a Gym

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If you’re like most Americans, you may spend hours every day sitting. You may sit at a desk, in a car, on a couch, or at a kitchen table any of which can cause harmful damage. Sitting appears to be minimally exertive but through our inactivity we are activating many muscles. Even those who [...]

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Video: Improve Your Low-Back Endurance

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  Low back endurance is more important than low back flexibility or strength. Improve your low back endurance to prevent injuries at work or around the house. Click the image above to view the video.

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Test Your Running Readiness – How-To Video

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Check out this video to see Dr. Rich demonstrating a quick test you can do to evaluate the core stabilization of your hip and knee. Dr. Rich uses this test with runners to help assess if they are ready to return to running after an injury.

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We Love Our Patients!

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We loved bringing you Patient Appreciation Week June 22-26. We enjoyed seeing current and former patients stop in to say hello, grab a snack, and have some fun. We saw more than 20 new patients, including family members and coworkers of our current patients. Thank you for celebrating with us! Please enjoy the video of [...]

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Breakfast for the Athlete

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What is the most important meal for an athlete? Breakfast, of course. Breakfast is the best meal for optimal leanness, energy, and sustained mental focus. Patients ranging from elite triathletes to corporate executives have found they derive increased mental acuity and focused energy from our [LivFit] breakfast rotations. Breakfast meals that pair meat and nuts [...]

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Fix & Prevent Upper Cross Syndrome

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What can be done to prevent or fix the Upper Cross Syndrome (UCS) problem (head, neck, and shoulder pain)? When we treat UCS, the shortened muscles must be restored (lengthened) before training the weakened muscles. This is based on Sherrington’s Law of reciprocal inhibition, which states that when one muscle is shortened or tightened, its [...]

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