Seasonal allergies are one of the most rapidly growing health concerns today, affecting 50 million people in America each year. Studies show that about 25 percent of the population suffers from spring and fall allergies when mold, tree, grass, and flower pollens are carried in the air.

The traditional medical view is that the allergy is a result of the patient simply being exposed to an innocuous substance. Treatment under this model focuses on reducing the body’s exposure to the allergen and allowing the body to become used to the allergen as a way of reducing the allergic reaction. Natural medicine, on the other hand, views allergies as a result of the patient’s weakened immune system. Treatment focuses on improving the immune system allowing the body to better differentiate between what is dangerous and what is inert.

The Immune System and Your Gut
80% of your immune system is housed in your gut. Insult to the environment of the gut acts as an insult to the immune system, resulting most often in allergies. The largest insults to the gut are sugar and refined grains. They sway the natural balance between healthy bacteria and yeast towards enhancing the yeast. This consequently reduces the production of immune-boosting products by the healthy bacteria and reduces the immune system’s effectiveness.

L-glutamine is the key supplement for healing the gut and improving the immune system. L-glutamine is an amino acid that is also widely used by the immune system as a fuel source. It can help boost the immune system during the times of stress and prevent it from becoming weak and ineffective.

Strengthening Your Immune System
Here are a couple of pointers to keep your gut healthy:
➢ Eliminate refined sugars from your diet. Sugar feeds bacteria.
➢ Reduce your use of antibiotics. They unintentionally kill your good helpful bacteria too.
➢ Use natural unprocessed honey. It helps to desensitize you to pollen and other allergens.
➢ Use Olive Leaf Extract, a natural immune booster.
➢ Use a netti-pot. It can help keep the nasal passages free of allergens and pathogens.

Practical Tips to Prevent Allergies
➢ Never let exposed clothes come into the house.
➢ Shower after working in the house.
➢ Netti-pot (spring cleaning for your nose!)
➢ Change your air filters regularly.
➢ Find a good quality air purifier.
➢ Take Olive Leaf Extract.
➢ Use ear candles.
➢ Start a garden. (A garden can be a great way to help strengthen your immune system. Simply working out in the dirt can be a great training ground for your immune soldiers. The produce is also a fantastic source of anti-oxidants which are important for fighting off pathogens.)
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Daryl Rich, DC, CSCS