[CORE] Chiropractic is partnering with Until the Whole World Knows and YOU during this year’s Patient Appreciation Week June 20-23 to provide the necessary funds to build a playground in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

There are more than 30,000 children in Haitian orphanages and institutions. With the obvious need for food and education, it’s easy to overlook a child’s need to play. However, there is strong research to support the link between a child’s physical gross motor development and their healthy cognitive growth.

IMG_0502-715x498Play presents children with a particularly strong opportunity for growth because it meets the needs of the whole, individual child. All domains of children’s development – cognitive, social, emotional, and physical – are intricately intertwined while playing. Play builds the foundation for a lifetime of healthy development.

Play is an especially important outlet in the life of a child in an institutional setting because they are often at the mercy of others to determine rules of behavior, what they will eat, or where they will go. Moreover, young children in orphanages may lack the cognitive and linguistic abilities to verbally work through problems or difficult emotions.

DSC_1497-715x498Play can help children to regulate their emotions by providing an outlet to deal with stress in the moment, allowing children to revisit and understand disturbing experiences after the fact and giving them the tools to cope with distress in the future.

That is why the ministry of Until the Whole World Knows first began building playgrounds. They saw the vital need for a healthy environment for a child to learn and grow. What began as a one-time project has morphed into a groundswell of playgrounds being built all over the island of Haiti, with many more requests coming monthly from orphanages and school directors.

Play is fun, and it’s powerful! Please join us in fostering the incredible power of play, no matter where a child calls home.

Here’s How:
Option 1
New Patient Special!
For a $30 donation toward the Haiti playground, you’ll receive a new patient consultation with Dr. Rich. (This does not include x-rays, examination, or treatment.) Call us today at 540.344.1055 to schedule an appointment June 20-23.

Option 2
Make a donation at the box at the front desk.
Each playground costs about $5,000 to build, and 100% of your gift goes toward the play project.

Be sure to join in all the fun during our Patient Appreciation Week, June 20-23!

  • 15% off all vitamins, supplements, pillows, oil diffusers, essential oils, and foam rollers
  • Door prizes from local businesses (Earn an entry by getting adjusted, answering the trivia question, adding your email to our newsletter list, filling out a patient testimonial form, or giving a playground donation)
  • Free chair massages
  • Refreshments

This month I start my 13th year in practice, and I thank you, my patients. I appreciate you! I look forward to seeing you and hearing your stories of how a chiropractic lifestyle has improved your life and the life of your family. Please stop in our office this week, and join us in celebration!





Dr. Daryl Rich, DC, CSCS