[Core] we take a 3-step approach to treat and prevent facet syndrome.

Chiropractic Treatment
The facet is a joint, so why not treat the joint? Chiropractic adjustments help to normalize joint movement. This helps to decrease inflammation, decrease muscle tightness and soreness, and prevent degeneration of the joint. Getting adjusted regularly may eliminate the need for conventional treatments of facet syndrome and keep the spine moving and healthy.

artActive Release Technique®
ART® is a treatment designed to reduce the scar tissue that occurs in the soft tissues surrounding the facet joint. This powerful technique, when combined with an adjustment, has been shown to greatly improve healing times and return patients back to work or the field of play. ART® is highly specialized treatment procedure that requires certifications beyond what a regular professional degree requires. This makes ART® doctors a favorite choice for professional teams and athletes.

Core Exercises
One essential step often left out of the treatment of facet syndrome is preventative core exercises. After injury, the stabilization of the facet joint is compromised. If core exercises are not performed by the patient, then recurrence of the pain can occur, leading to chronic pain syndromes. These exercises not only strengthen muscles but help to coordinate movement of the spine, ensuring that the injury will not be repeated.

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Daryl Rich, DC, CSCS