15 Years and Counting

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Fifteen years ago my wife, Erin, and I packed up our apartment in St. Louis and loaded our 2-year-old son, Ian, and 3-week-old daughter, Caelin, into a moving van. Enduring a long journey, our family of four headed east to Roanoke. Two days after our arrival, I began my practice in a town that [...]

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Preventing Tomorrow’s Injury Today

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  What if you could prevent your next injury?  The injury that is going to keep you from working for a few days.  Or the one that disrupts your next vacation.  Perhaps the injury that keeps you from running the race that you have been training on for months.  What if you could prevent [...]

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Beat the Holiday Blues

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Santa may be on his way in a reindeer driven sleigh, but you’re commanding the Holiday Ship To Crazy Town. As Elvis sang, you’re having a blue, blue, blue, blue Christmas. The Holiday Blues The holiday blues are not a new thing in medicine. Everyone gets them at least once in their lifetime and to varying [...]

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Ten Supplements You Should Know About!

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The temperatures are changing and the medical offices are filling up. Autumn is a beautiful time of year, but it is also the beginning of cold and flu season. This year, we want to make sure you spend more time doing what you love, and less time recovering from an illness. Take this trusted advice [...]

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Patient Appreciation Week 2016

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[CORE] Chiropractic is partnering with Until the Whole World Knows and YOU during this year’s Patient Appreciation Week June 20-23 to provide the necessary funds to build a playground in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. There are more than 30,000 children in Haitian orphanages and institutions. With the obvious need for food and education, it's easy to overlook [...]

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Decrease Holiday Stress with Essential Oils

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Our sense of smell is very complex. We all agree that some things smell awful, such as rotten eggs or a car exhaust. Other smells seem pleasant to most of us, like fresh flowers or warm baked bread. The cerebral cortex and limbic system of the brain are the areas of the brain where messages [...]

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Our Resources Page

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Check this page often, as we'll be posting all kinds of information about health, wellness, and chiropractic. Thanks for visiting our new site!

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