Important Information for Runners

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Runners never want their endeavors to create a running injury. Unfortunately runners are responsible for 90% of the injuries and traumas we see in our office. The good news is, with the right training, most of these injuries can be avoided. The Injury Cycle Most running injuries follow a simple pattern called the injury [...]

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Run Healthier, Run Faster

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Eric, a friend of a patient, wrote me recently thanking me for helping him run his last marathon at a personal best time (3:38)! The funny thing is, I have never met Eric. He just took the same advice I have given many runners over the years: run less, run faster, get stronger, and improve [...]

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Foot & Knee Pain: The [CORE] Approach

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Most musculoskeletal conditions are caused by overuse. Conditions of the foot and knee are no different. We diagnose these conditions in western medicine with names like plantar fasciitis, torn meniscus, arthritis, Achilles tendonitis, IT band syndrome, patella-femoral syndrome, bunions, runner's knee, and more. These conditions all start with a mechanism of overload, which is [...]

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More on Cardio

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In last week's post we looked at a question raised by recent research: "Cardio or No Cardio?" And it seems that the answer may be "No Cardio" for those looking for weight loss and/or athletic advancement. Recent research suggests that endurance exercise has the potential to inhibit strength and power gains by reducing the ability [...]

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Help for Beginning Runners

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At CORE Chiropractic and Wellness, we want to give our patients every tool to be successful in achieving their health and wellness goals. Chiropractic is very important for optimal health, but it must be embraced along with exercise and nutrition for ideal results. Running is a great form of exercise. Are you a beginning runner [...]

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