Detox With Bone Broth – A [LivFit] Case Study

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Our next [LivFit] class is fast approaching in just a few weeks. I thought this might be a great time to share some of the information that we cover in our three-week seminar series. We like to teach this important nutritional information by using case studies taken directly from patients of the office. These [...]

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Common Chiropractic Questions

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The Random Questions We Receive The side of being a chiropractor that I really love is knowing that each day will bring something new.  Part of that comes from the more random questions we get asked.  So the staff and I decided to collect of few of these and share them with the rest [...]

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The [LivFit] Approach to Inflammation & Depression

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We are continuing our series of teaching our [LivFit] approach to nutrition this week on the subject of inflammation and depression. We start with the challenging question of “Is depression a result of a chemical imbalance of the brain or a result of inflammation from a poor diet and lifestyle?” Science has told us [...]

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[LivFit] Cardiac Health

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This fall we will once again teach our [LivFit] seminar series. We have taught this seminar in our Roanoke chiropractic office over the past 6 years to hundreds of people. But this [LivFit] seminar is going to be unlike any other. We are taking it up a notch this year, as we will be [...]

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The Top 10 Supplements & Top 5 Essential Oils

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It's Patient Appreciation Week! We're celebrating the 13th anniversary of our Roanoke, Virginia chiropractic practice this month, and we're looking forward to starting our 14th year with the healthiest patients we've ever had. We invite you to enjoy 15% off all of our supplements, pillows, essential oils and diffusers, and foam rollers through July [...]

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5 Steps and 10 Ingredients To Super Healthy Smoothies

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Quick, easy, cheap, and healthy are generally not found all together in our country’s food sources.  A challenge for many of us is how to connect our stressed out, fast paced lives with the need for convenient, nutritious, and affordable meals.  One of the latest trends to fulfill this need has been the increasingly [...]

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How To Heal The Gut Part II

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Healing the gut can seem like an difficult task full of restrictions that takes all the fun out of life. However, the reality is that fixing the gut is what puts back the fun in life. Fixing the gut can help reduce pain, reduce medication use, lift the chains of depression, while helping to improve and [...]

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How to Heal the Gut Part I

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All disease begins in the gut. -Hippocrates Hippocrates stated the above quote more than 2,000 years ago, but we’re only now coming to understand it fully. Health research since the late 1990s has revealed that a healthy gut is crucial to overall health. In fact, we are learning each day that an unhealthy gut contributes [...]

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