Treatment Of Anterior Knee Pain (A.K.A. Runner’s Knee)

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Anterior knee pain, Patella pain, and runner’s knee are all names for the  formally diagnosed conditions known as patellofemoral ligament pain or patellar chondromalacia. This pain is commonly felt above, under, or below the knee cap. This achy and sharp pain is made worse when going up and down stairs, squatting, after sitting or driving [...]

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Prep for the Roanoke 70.3

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The Roanoke 70.3 triathlon is coming to town June 7, 2020 and we are hosting a free seminar where you can learn from local triathlon experts on how to prepare over the next year. Our panel of experts will discuss the course outline, tips on training for a long course, nutrition and hydration, mental toughness [...]

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B12 Deficiency and You

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Vitamin B12 deficiency is a common, silent menace that wreaks havoc on millions of people each year. B12 deficiency can mimic many problems and diseases. It can often look like the signs of Alzheimer’s, dementia, multiple sclerosis, and several mental illnesses. It can cause brutal fatigue, memory loss, and even [...]

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15 Things We Have Learned In 15 Years Of Practice

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Last month we celebrated 15 years in practice. We are so thankful for the opportunity to serve our patients and are humbled by the trust placed in us. When we first started the practice, one of our main goals was to educate the community. Many offices treat patients, but not [...]

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Going Gluten Free

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Eating a gluten-free diet has been a growing trend for over a decade. What was once seen as just a fad has now entrenched itself into popular healthy living guidelines and even into mainstream life. People are giving up on gluten and reaping a wide array of health benefits. Fat loss, better digestion, improved skin, [...]

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Babies – The Smallest Chiropractic Patients

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People are often amazed to see a newborn baby on the chiropractic table in my office. Babies, infants, and children all have spines, so why shouldn’t they be adjusted? Certainly the adjustment techniques are modified for their unique bodies, and great care is taken to ensure their safety, but the [...]

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15 Years and Counting

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Fifteen years ago my wife, Erin, and I packed up our apartment in St. Louis and loaded our 2-year-old son, Ian, and 3-week-old daughter, Caelin, into a moving van. Enduring a long journey, our family of four headed east to Roanoke. Two days after our arrival, I began my practice in a town that [...]

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Flip Flops & Foot Pain

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Summer is almost upon us, and we can finally kick off our shoes and slip on our beloved flip flops. As a chiropractor, I also love to wear flip flops and find myself subject to their pitfalls if I’m not wearing the right brand. As the summer goes on, we find many patients coming [...]

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DIY Mother’s Day Gifts with Essential Oils

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It is never easy to know what to get Mom. How can you show her how much you love her with just a card or a gift? Perhaps this year some Do-It-Yourself gifts can come close to showing your mom or the mother of your children just how much you love them. These simple [...]

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Top 6 Uses For CBD Oil

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CBD oil is the hot new medical trend hitting the market that people of all ages are using for health benefits. CBD is the legal, non-psychoactive cousin of medical marijuana. It comes from the hemp plant but, unlike marijuana, it does not contain THC, which is what gives the "high." CBD (Cannabidiol) is demonstrating [...]

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